Ready to Fly

If you've ever thought:

"It wouldn't bother me if I didn't care so much!"

Helping professionals who love what they do but aren't sure where it's going.

Over the phone, my sister and I burst out laughing, because, of course, if you didn't care, it wouldn't bother you, right?  The obviousness of that statement was ridiculous.

So many times I had that conversation about not knowing what to do, what decision to make, and wishing my energy wasn't depleted every time I hit a career stumbling block.  And when my energy was sapped, I would lose any motivation to pursue my passion.  I'd start questioning whether or not I was even on the right career path.  And when you're facing that question all the time, it's hard to focus on doing anything that would get you moving forward again.

Fortunately, I reached a point within myself where enough was enough.  I couldn't force myself to keep saying yes to the aspects of my job that were burning me out.  And I successfully found a formula that works for me in creating the work/life balance that actually fills my energy bank.

How did I heal and learn how to make these changes?  I first accepted and acknowledged all of my fears, doubts, and uncertainties in life.  And then I worked with coaches to discover:


What my uncertainty was telling me


What my core values are in my career and my life


What I need in my environment to feel sustained and supported


What I need to do to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally


How I want to express myself in the world


How to let go of the draining aspects of my career


How to say yes to the career activities that resonated with my authenticity

After going on the journey to discover who I really am and what I really want, I decided that I wanted to help other musicians, artists, and anyone in the creative professions embark on their own self-discovery missions to learn how to share more of themselves with the world.

My belief is that we all have gifts and powerful skills that the world wants us to develop and share.  Let me know how I can help you become the most powerful version of yourself in your creative career.

Michigan, USA

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