The Hero's Journey: A 5-Week Transformational Group Coaching Experience


The tools I gained through the Hero’s Journey have proven to be invaluable. Before this course, I knew that I was somehow holding myself back, but could never pinpoint exactly what it was. Through each exercise, I could actually notice how I was growing personally. Thanks to Tess, I feel more balanced and confident to face the world that’s heading my way.

— Hero's Journey Participant

As a coach, it is my belief that you ARE the Hero you have been waiting for.  The answers you have been looking for are already inside you.  But sometimes you can't see or hear those answers when you want or need them, and so it's natural to start feeling STUCK.

Over the course of 5 group sessions, you will be on your way to getting UNstuck by connecting you to your Inner Hero.

Session 1: Victim vs. Hero Mindset

Develop awareness around why you are STUCK

Learn how to shift your mindset from victim to hero

Session 2: A Walk Into the Forest

Develop awareness about your feelings

Learn how to respond to emotional triggers rather than react

Session 3: It's a Trap!

Discover 4 ways we get trapped in our own stories/beliefs

Learn how to challenge and break free from each trap

Session 4: Assess Your Tools

Discover your inner strengths and resources

Get clear about what you really want

Session 5: Take Action!

Learn how to set a powerful goal in an achievable way

Determine what small step you will take towards your goal

Sessions take place weekly and are each 90 minutes in length.  Attendees will have opportunities to share anything that comes up for them during sessions and in a supportive private Facebook Messenger group.

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